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    Me with an acoustic guitar and a bad voice.
    It's all about pretty much the same thing.
    The final track contains lyrics from Passion Pit, Grieves, Say Anything, and Dave Matthews Band. I own nothing in the last track, other than the bad speaking and crying.

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released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved


they were the big things Manasquan, New Jersey

this is a place that the little things inside of me tend to roam about and become real ad nauseam. feel free to stick around and watch me grow.

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Track Name: Broken Bones
give me one
give me two
give me three years to tell you this story
another chapter down. i am so burnt out.
give me one
give me two
give me three cheers for this pretty babey.
blood coursing so alone. skin hides broken bone.

if i had a chance or the will or the way
i could’ve made it a million more days
but i’m not sure it’d be right.
yeah i’m not sure.

let me live
let me die
fuck that ‘cause i want both. little apprehensive maybes.
yeah sure we’re all a little crazy
let me LOVE
bear this love is all i have
let it last oh let it last oh last

the most perfect thing i ever did was run.
the most perfect thing I’ve ever done is come back.
Track Name: admire myself in you
when you told me…
“i do it all for you.
i wait for the day you enter my room
and find my doing something
you’d love for me to do”
not that you’ve told me…
i know why i’m so jealous of you
you do everything i could never do
babey you rock my world you do. you do.
but now i’m jealous. it’s solidified. i’m less cool.

she tried to impress
somewhere in the end
she ends up being the best.
and i’m scared. i’m scared.
i try and make myself better
but my old self made her wetter
and my old face is getting redder.
and i pretend i’m not there. i’m not there.

… you became surreal
i swear i got all sickly again
because i know you’re the better.
i know you’re the best.

you’re the bestestestest. bear. no.
Track Name: Faker...
when i left, it all left
when you left, i felt
absolutely nothing.

see, i am this unborn child
and you’ve got a fullgrown smile
we mutually envy.

when i see you so ohh-okay.
i see me so unwell.
i might not know why
(but see, it came back
you came back)

so here i am
every sad line. emotion
every cut to your arms. is
when our auras cross haunting
i shoot up misery. me.

i guess i go what i want
i missed your loving touch
but am i good enough?
and are you faking please don’t be f…
are you faking it?

here i am, here we are
you came back i feel
absolutely absolutely absolutely

see how sad i am? well
i’ve really been through hell
and i need you.

when i’m so ohh-okay
i seem so unwell
i might know why
(but just keep on
keepin’ on and guessing.)

so here i am
ever shallow day. why are you
every “i’m sorry”/”i love you” here
when we’re this deep in loving
i won’t ever leave. me?

i know what i got is it.
i guess i missed the boat.
never god never good enough
and are you fucking faking this?
don’t be fucking faking this.
Track Name: Your Ghost